The craft of welding is amongst the most important and valuable journeyman trades in the world today. Welding is responsible for countless buildings and structures, vehicles, transportation services, gates, fences, and industrial instruments would cease to exist. Virtually all forms of metal work would not be as resilient and sturdy as is it today without the art of welding. It is therefore necessary that individuals under this trade are given the right materials and instruments to work with in order to make the process of welding efficient, safe, and consistently good.

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Welding, as a trade, would not be as effective as it is today without the existence of two factors: the skill of the journeyman and high-quality welding materials. To achieve great welding skills, you need to study, train, and gain a lot of experience as a journeyman. However, no matter how good of a welder you are, your work would not be able to exceed industry standards if you do not have access to high-quality welding instruments and materials from trust-worthy suppliers.

Med-Eng Systems is the leading supplier of welding parts, consumables, equipment, and accessories for a vast range of commercial and industrial requirements in the Hunter region. Our goal is to be able to provide high-quality welding instruments and materials to our clients. We want to contribute to the growth and development of the welding business. We want to deliver top-grade welding materials for the benefit of our clients and their businesses as well.

If you are looking for welding parts, consumables, accessories, and equipment for your welding business or welding work, contact Med-Eng Systems. Some of the welding products that we provide include:

  • Mig and Tig Wire,
  • MMA Rods,
  • Plasma,
  • Plant Sets, and
  • Mig and Tig Consumables
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Still unsure of the equipment or welding materials you need for your welding work? Our capable and experienced group of technicians are happy to serve! We would be able to give you advice to help you find the most suitable welding products for your type of work. Our rates are fair and competitive. You need not worry about spending an exorbitant amount of money for high-quality welding materials. Drop by our showroom and see our welding products and accessories! You may also contact Med-Eng Systems for further enquiries.