Our expert technicians at Med-Eng Systems provides a wide range of industrial gas and welding repairs, maintenance, safety audits, tagging, testing, consumable sales, training, and certification across the Hunter region. Med-Eng also specialises in maintaining and repairing gas fixed pipelines and equipment installations.

Professional and Certified Repair Technicians

Oxygen, acetylene, and LPG equipment maintenance are not easy to accomplish. When dealing with repairs and maintenance for these equipment, it would not be strategic or safe to do it by yourself. There are heaps of safety issues at risk, and lack of specialisation when dealing with such problems can lead to fire hazards and gas leaks. Therefore, although you think you may be capable of dealing with repairs of oxygen, acetylene, and LPG equipment, it would be infinitely better if you contact a team with years of experience when it comes to dealing with problems such as these

For Your Service and Repair Needs, Contact Our Team at Med-Eng Systems.

Here at Med-Eng Systems, we do not just provide tools and accessories for commercial and industrial functions. We also have a group of trained and skilled technicians with years of experience in the field of oxygen, acetylene, and LPG equipment repairs and maintenance. Our team of mobile technicians have vehicles fully-equipped with cutting edge and state-of-the-art portable gas and welding equipment, consumables, and accessories to assist you on your gas and welding needs and requirements.

lpg repair and servicing

With Med-Eng, you can be sure that the service you get exceeds industry standards. We make sure that our technicians are trained at all facets of servicing and repairs of oxygen, acetylene, and LPG equipment. We also make sure that our fully-stocked welding and gas maintenance van is always ready to go once our clients deem our services necessary. High-quality service is guaranteed with Med-Eng Systems. We go out of our way to provide maintenance and repairs that strictly comply with health, work, and safety requirements enforced across Australia. For you service and repairs needs in Hunter, contact Med-Eng Systems!