Med-Eng Systems is an extremely versatile company with a wide range of products and services to our customers around the Hunter region. Apart from being a supplier of tools and accessories for cutting, grinding, and welding, and a service provider for oxygen, acetylene, LPG maintenance, and fixed pipe installations, we are also a Coregas Depot. At our headquarters, you can order, pick-up, and collect gas for your company or personal needs.

Know What You can Order at Med-Eng Systems as a Coregas Depot

A Coregas depot is a supplier for Coregas products where you can order and ask for delivery or pick-up. To know more about what you can buy at Med-Eng Systems, here are some of the variety of gases we provide for different industries and applications:

  • Industrial Gases

One of the main businesses of Coregas is the supply of industrial gases for several applications. Some of the applications where Coregas has key experience in are shielding gases, hospitality gases, thermal spraying, laser gases, and oxyfuel solutions.

  • Process Gas Applications

Process Gas Applications are customers that work as partners of Coregas. These customers are given priority over other customers, and receive their gas with no supply interruptions to their respective applications. Here at Process Gas Applications, we provide our clients the telemetry system, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and argon gases.

  • Specialty Gases

Specialty gases are made to match the exact needs and requirements of our special gases customers. With our ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO Guide 34 certifications and accreditations, you can be sure that we provide safe and high-quality gases to our clients every single day. For calibration gas mixtures enquiries, contact your nearest Coregas depot now.

coregas depot nitrogen gas
  • Medical Gases

Since Med-Eng Systems is a Coregas depot, you can have access to medical gases easily through our company with a single call. Some of the gases we provide include oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, equanox, carbanox, and carbon dioxide.

For Your Coregas Needs, Contact Med-Eng Systems Today.

Here at Med-Eng Systems, we can deliver Coregas products right to your doorsteps. For more enquiries about Med-Eng Systems and how we can help you, contact our company via phone or email.