One of the most preferred instruments for cutting steel of all shapes and sizes nowadays is called oxy-cutting. This steel plate cutting technology can sometimes be referred to as torch cutting, burning, or flame cutting. From a technical standpoint, these alternative terms all refer to an element of truth when it comes to the process of cutting plate steel with the use of oxy-cutting. In this process, an oxy-fuel cutting torch is used to burn the steel as it is being cut, causing a chemical process called rapid rusting. Oxy-cutting is one of the most popular methods for cutting steel because of its precision, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Let Med-Eng Systems Supply You with High Quality Oxy-Cutting Technology

Making sure that the steel plate cuts are precise is extremely necessary. This is especially true when it comes to manufacturing different kinds of instruments and equipment for industrial and commercial machinery. This level of precision in steel plate cutting is also essential when it comes to creating and providing the goods and services of a company. Thus, to achieve the optimum level of efficiency, businesses in the steel industry need to have access to cutting-edge technologies like the oxy-cutting equipment for steel plate materials.

Med-Eng Systems is one of the premier oxy-cutting accessories, equipment, and consumables specialists today. We have a vast collection of products available at our showroom at Cardiff. We would be glad to communicate with you in person, through phone, or via email for enquiries. We have stock of the best brands in the field, and we are authorised agents for companies such as Dynaweld, Tyrolit, Cigweld, Gameco, Tesuco, and Harris.

Some of the oxy-cutting products we offer include:

  • Oxy-cutting consumables,
  • Cutting tips,
  • Cutting attachments,
  • Flashback arrestors,
  • New and service exchange regulators,
  • Flow metres,
  • Twin hose, and
  • Single hose lengths

Contact Med-Eng for a Range of High Calibre Products

No matter what kind of oxy-cutting instruments or equipment you need, Med-Eng Systems would be able to provide it for you. Need advice as to what oxy-cutting equipment would be perfect for your project? Our team of experienced specialists would be able to help you choose and decide the product that best fits your utility. We can fulfil your demand for high quality oxy-cutting technologies without problem. Drop by our showroom or contact us through phone or email.