Med-Eng Systems was established in Warabrook New South Wales in 1998. In our early years we specialised in the installation of gas pipelines and equipment, as well as repairing and auditing of gas cutting and welding equipment.

We have grown rapidly since inception and in 2012 moved to our current location in Cardiff, NSW, as we required larger premises. An integral reason for our move was to find a site which also had a showroom, so we could showcase the extensive range of welding and gas cutting equipment, parts and accessories we supply.

With managing director Phil Limbert to guide and provide ongoing training of staff, supported by more than 30-years’ experience in the industry, Med-Eng Systems continues to evolve and expand. We have the equipment, accreditation and expertise to provide a total industrial gas system and welding training, maintenance, repairs and installation solution.

Our Team

Phil Limbert – Managing Director
Kim Limbert – Business Manager / Director

About Med-Eng Systems